"I would recommend Johan Gren for any design project, given his ability to understand the end goal of the experience, and to leverage his in-depth knowledge of user flows to develop designs that are optimized for the end user. As someone with minimal experience creating wireframes, Johan was able to work with me to help guide the wire framing process, and was able to create a high quality final design, with very basic direction. Johan’s designs were clean and aesthetically pleasing, and the feedback he provided in the development process, was very helpful in guiding the final project."
Nilla Ali, Buzzfeed Product Labs

"I count Johan Gren among the finest creative professionals I have had the pleasure to work with in over 50 years in the advertising business. Johan is a highly professional and talented creative who has taught me much about progressive UX. His intelligent and inspired design is always delivered promptly and implemented swiftly."
John Bevins, Creative Director and Copywriter and founder of the Sydney advertising agency, John Bevins
¨Johan have designed interfaces and interactive experiences for me in both the cultaral sector and the tourism industry. He has always managed to exceed high design expectations. He's simply one of the best.¨
Jonas Dahl, CEO Sturm & Drang

¨ I give my strongest recommendations to any future clients to Johan. Johan is an excellent online designer and his overall understanding in how the online behavior is used to its maximum is rare. I've worked along side of Johan in many projects and if you get the chans of doing the same, take it!¨
Jens Medin, UnderstandIT

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